What layers of security do the elites and ultra-wealthy have?

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What layers of security do the elites and ultra-wealthy have?


Here we will highlight some of the procedures professional close protection and surveillance operators use to keep their principal safe in this ever dangerous world that we live in.


The security detail for one executive would require a staff of 10 operators. The operators take care of the security detail at home and when mobile on the occasions that the “Boss” is in transit traveling.


Corporate chieftains face the greatest risks while traveling. It costs a lot to keep a Zuckerberg, Buffet or a Trump safe. Huge conglomerates spend mega millions each year protecting its boss at her/his homes and during her/his tour across country.

For instance just recently FB said it would provide a further $10 million a year for its boss to spend on personal security. For the world’s richest people, it doesn’t really amount to much. Security at multiple residences, transportation, a protection team, cyber & travel — if you also have a family you’re already over $10 million just for a basic package.


FBs Zuckerberg the founder and leader of one of the world’s most valuable companies, is regularly in the media for business and private matters. FB & Zuckerberg have critics & it has taken a barrage of criticism over its data-privacy policies, especially in countries such as Myanmar and Sri Lanka, where misinformation on the firm’s website can and has led to violence. It has also faced significant backlash from investigations into Russia’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 U.S. elections. Those controversies — not to mention angry customers, terror attacks and workplace shootings — can & do make tight security essential. If you consider Zuckerberg’s top dog position and his importance to FB the costs for a CEO security program is appropriate and necessary.


Most big companies pay for CEOs to use private jets for personal trips, both to ensure their security and give them flexibility to return on short notice. They provide cars and drivers and pay for home security which would also include close protection operators. Corporate security programs usually don’t include protection for members of a person’s immediate or extended family. They also may not cover multiple residences in far-flung places. So how would a security detail address the issues of protecting the ultra-wealthy & elite?


Let’s start with the Home; you have to keep the area secure and control the vulnerabilities.

We would need to create security walls, fences or other barriers surrounding the home. Then we would equip the area with motion sensors and monitor the area with cameras that can be programmed to recognize certain friendly faces. Next would be to address the space between external barriers and the house. This is an opportunity to create another layer or two of intrusion detection. A simpler MO would be dense vegetation & crushed gravel that’s noisy underfoot.


Inside the home; should include ballistic windows, cameras placed strategically & to overlap areas, safe rooms, reinforced doors, walls and locks, allied with strong hinges to prevent doors from being knocked down. The next layer would include surveillance either overt or covert. The costs of all that, as well as maintaining surveillance, can run into seven figures.

The Teams; A Close Protection team at all hours can cost as much as $1 million. Each 24/7 position requires four people who each can command in excess of $150,000 salaries, furthermore they should never work alone, meaning a detail for one executive would require a staff of approximately 10 operators and employ the basic premise of cover and move.

Many of the best security personnel come from the military, because they are already highly trained and trainable to new techniques and are already comfortable with being uncomfortable and familiar operating in chaos should chaos come calling.


Travel; Small things like failing to lock a vehicle door can result in a person being robbed at gunpoint by handing the element of surprise to the bandit. Trips for the ultra-wealthy start with a risk and threat assessment of all the current live threats & risks to the region of travel including all areas being passed through and not just destination. The T&R is a very real & heightened risk of kidnapping or terrorist attacks. An advanced party is deployed as a point team to recce the area, establish evacuation routes and liaise with local security professionals and ascertain any government resources. The CP teams would carry backup doses of medicines and rent armored cars as part of the security program. A counter surveillance vehicle would also be deployed to watch for watchers and bandit surveillance.

The perception of what security, surveillance and counter surveillance is from popular entertainment is far removed from reality. The reality, however, is pretty boring. The mission is to execute on 1,000 little things done well. Boring is what a security detail wants because it means they have executed correctly.


Next blog Security and anti-surveillance techniques that everyone can use to help protect themselves, their loved ones and their assets from bandits just like a professional.



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